William Wilson
1717 – 1748
Relationship to Fawn: 6th great grandfather

I ran across this 1931 picture of the house where William Wilson and Alison Landel lived in the mid-18th century. They were tenant farmers on on a rural farm called Carskerdo about three miles from the town of Cupar (Cùbar in Scottish Gaelic).

Wilson Homestead at Carskerdo Fife Scotland

William was born on 28 October 1717 in Wymyss, Largo Parish, in Fife, the eldest child of Robert Wilson and Anna Carmichael.

William married Alison Landel on 8 March 1734.  They were wed by the minister of Scoony Parish, a parish bordering Largo, Mr. Melville.  She was born on 23 February 1713, to John Landale and Jean Smith.

The photograph was taken in 1931 by Professor Bennett from the University of Michigan who included it in his article, James Wilson and St. Andrews.  He described the house as:

“. . .moderate size, with a roof of tiles, four large rooms, six windows, two doors, and a fireplace—a cozy enough home in its time. The house has since been cannibalized and its converted parts have been resurrected as stone fences, with a scattering of stones and door hinges left behind as a reminder of days past.”

We are descended from their son, William, born in 1746 on the farm of Caskerdo, emigrating to the the American Colonies in 1775.