In The Bondurant Migration to America, we included a picture of the French home of our immigrant ancestor Jean Pierre Bondurant, and mentioned that Bondurants ran inns along the Regordane Road.


Jean Pierre lived in Genolhac in the above  house on the la Grand Rue.  He arrived in America in 1700.

Here is view of the courtyard behind the Bondurant house. “During 1500-1600s the house was an inn. . . . The covered passage on the left led to the town’s main street, then the Rigordan Road.”

Bondurant House - back - 1

“This beautiful courtyard once was filled with wagons and horses of teamsters, bringing goods from the interior to the seaports.”

Bondurant house - back - 2

Many thanks to the Bondurant Family Association for the pictures and information included in the association’s Summer 2010 newsletter.